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I am currently teaching integrated 9th grade biology/chemistry and a senior environmental science elective at the Dwight-Englewood School in northeastern NJ. I also am the assistant coach of the middle school Ultimate team.

My professional interests revolve around climate/environmental science and justice. Specifically, I attempt to effect positive social and environmental awareness through four approaches:  scientific inquiry, education, social entrepreneurship, and historical study.


In 2016, I earned my MSc. in the Climate and Environment research group at Brown University in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences.

My scientific research explores past changes in Earth’s climate; by better understanding paleoclimate dynamics, geoscientists can more fully understand the present and future of Earth system change, as a result of both natural and anthropogenic influence. Specifically, I am interested in subtropical and tropical paleoclimate.

To reconstruct past histories of climate and environment, I employ organic geochemical proxies in the Herbert and Russell laboratories at Brown, as well as the historical record for the recent past.

I also contribute infrequently to the blog Because Science.

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